Money in the Sky

“One, two, three, four…”

“Here’s some money, and another, and more, and more!” yelled the little boy.

It was a bright, happy, sunny day.

Money kept falling down, down, down, all around.

“Five, six, seven, … … eight, nine, ten… wow! I’m getting rich!” the little boy said with a smile!

“Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…”

“Twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand!”


He kept reaching up and grabbing the money floating down in the air.

His pockets were getting full, and paper money began to drop to the ground.

More and more money kept falling down from the sky and all around.

The blue sky was now green because of all the green money floating down.

“Wow! Look at all that money in the sky! I can’t believe it! It’s amazing!” he said.

Suddenly the little boy heard a voice: ” Jimmy! Time to get up and go to school! Jimmy!”

“If you want to follow your dreams and succeed, you need to learn, so get up and go to school!” she said.

And so the little boy opened up his eyes in amazement.

Then suddenly he realized that he was dreaming.

“Money doesn’t fall down from the sky” he said. “That’s stupid.”

“You have to earn money.”

“To earn money, I need to get a good job”.

“To get a good job it would help if I learned English and got an education.”

“To get an education, I need to go to school”.

“To go to school, I need to stop thinking about money in the sky – and get up!”

So, the little boy got up, did some exercises, meditated, ate a healthy breakfast and went to school.

He was happy and confident.

The sun in the sky smiled, warming the day with a glow.

Then the sun in the sky said to the boy while he was walking to school… ” money isn’t the most important thing in life little boy, but maybe your education is. So go to school and learn lots!”

The little boy thought about that. Those were wise words. I will take follow that advice, and go to school and learn and learn and learn and dream about my goals, not about dollars in the sky.


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