The Fly and The Spider by Terryl Miller Sky




Once there was a fly who flied around and around.

He liked to go into the house because it was cool.

Outside it was very hot.

So he went into the house and quickly found the kitchen.

In the kitchen there was food on the table.

“Aahhh! The children didn’t clean up the mess! Now I have some food!” exclaimed the fly.

So the fly flew to the table and ate and ate all the crumbs and scraps of food.

He was so happy!

“Yummy yummy! So much food in my tummy!” said the fly.

The fly ate and ate and ate and ate!

Soon he began to feel very full.

So, he stopped eating and flew away… Bzzzzz…. bzzzzzz.

Suddenly, he felt very heavy and sleepy while flying in the air.

“Oh! I think I’m going to faint!” the fly cried.  And guess what? He did!

He fainted, stopped flying and fell down, down, down.

And guess where he landed?

The fly fell right down into the Spider’s web.

He landed very safely without any injury.

But, to his amazement, the fly discovered that the Spider’s web was very, very sticky.

The web was so sticky that he couldn’t get up to fly again.

“Hhhhhmmmm! What am I going to do?” the fly wondered.

Suddenly the spider arrived.

“I know what I’m going to do!” said the Spider. “I’m going to eat something yummy for my tummy!”

And so the spider was happy, happy, happy, because he had a yummy fly in his tummy.

And the fly was no more.

And the spider smiled.

Bye bye little fly!


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